you've had a birthday, shout hooray!

HOORAY! I have now turned 24. Wow, I am gettin' olddddd. What's even scarier is to think that I'll be 25 THIS YEAR! what the heck.

But the birthday this year was just great. I am so lucky that I have been able to spend every year with all my family on my birthday. Every other birthday in the fam there are just a few around. 
However, I do wish mis amigos were around to party with as well. But don't worry, I realized just how blessed I am to have AMAZING friends. Want to know why? 
Well first off, I get home and unpack and Nicole had something wrapped up that said I couldn't open until my birthday. So I set it aside for 10 days. Well, the moment I woke up, I found that present and opened it up to find a DVD. Not just any DVD. But one that had about 15-20 of my closest friends who recorded a little video clip to wish me a happy birthday. My Mom comes in my room and sees me crying... don't worry Mom, I just have the greatest friends ever. It was the greatest present I could have ever received. Sneaky Nicole. She is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and loving friends I could have ever hoped for. I watched that DVD at least 5 times that day. It was so tender. Thanks to those who participated in it, it made my birthday just that much better. 
So after watching that, Cal and I went downstairs to eat some yummy blueberry muffins. But Callie was insistent that she served me for everything. Blueberry on a plate, orange juice in my cup, and tucked my napkin into my shirt. She takes care of me. 
After that we relaxed for a little bit (aka- Sister watched my DVD with me) then got ready, picked up the grandparents and went to Zaxby's for lunch (duh, where else would I go?) It was delicious as always. 
Then we headed to downtown Atlanta to go ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park. I hadn't gone ice skating in SO long so I was being super careful cause I HATE falling, but then the kiddos had a lot of fun skating around for about an hour or so. 
The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS. Like low 60's... it was a perfect day in the ATL. 
Later that night, we went to Ichiban Japanese Steak House for dinner. There were a few complications so dinner was longer than we expected, but it all turned out great and we enjoyed a delicious meal and free desserts! :)
Thanks to all my amazing family members and friends who made it a special day! It is one that will go down in the books for sure.
Bring on the 24th year. 
Maybe my wish will come true?

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gini said...

Ash! Happy Birthday! Sounds like such a fun day! My 24th year was the best ever! (Up until now) You'll LOVE being 24! Love you girlie!!!