Mama Mia!

It is a special day for this lady! Today, she has joined me in the 24 club!
And what a fun year it has been knowing this girl and having her as a roomie for the 2nd year in a row!
I love Mia for many, many reasons. As you may recall from last year's post.
But let me just name a few reasons to remind you why this girl rocks my face off....
Mia is a good support system. No boyfriend on February 14th? (or ever) Don't worry, Mia is a good sub. I was lucky enough last year to have Mia as one of my Valentine's. Best Valentines Day ever.
Mia is ALWAYS up for a dance party. Just turn on some good music, blast it wherever you are, and she will always be right beside you dancing away.
Mia is a good friend. She is loved by SO many people. I can totally see why because of her fun personality and tender heart. One of the most caring and giving girls. When I was feeling like I was on my death bed, she was constantly coming to check on me and see if I needed anything. She is someone I know I can count on. She will be there for me on my hardest days just to listen while I sit on her bed and cry/complain. And she will be there for me during the happy moments.
Mia is always up for adventures! On the days where I have felt so spontaneous and random, I can always count on asking Mia if she wants to join in when no one else would. Of course she is always up for it and we end up having a fun time.
Mia loves the outdoors! She has taken up rock climbing as one of her interests and spends a lot of time with that. But with me, when the weather has been nice, you can find her outside soaking in that sun either laying on a blanket attempting to be productive with school or she will be up for bike rides and slurpee runs. We really love those warmer days.
Mia is quite the cook. Even though 90% of the time she makes some sort of chocolate dessert, they must be good based on how many people rave about those treats! And on the occasions she makes something not chocolatey, it taste so good! So all in all, she is one fantastic cook!
Mia is darling! Seriously, who could pull off a beanie and still look awesome?! Only a few certain people can and Mia is definitely one of them. She has great style and always looks so cute! If only I could be just a little bit smaller so I could fit into her clothes. That would be good. Oh well, so much for that.
Mia was part of the roommate situation last year, which I obviously loved. (don't worry current roomies, I still love you all) But she will always hold a special place in my heart from that year. I won't get on my soap box about that one. 
Mia is easy to be around. She isn't difficult, she isn't picky, she just goes with the flow with whatever makes everyone else happy. She has to put up with a lot being my friend. Thanks for being patient with me :)
Mia has a sense of humor. The things this girl says and does will constantly have me laughing. I love her fun personality. 
I'm so glad that Mia and I have grown as close as we have over the year. She has become one of my best friends. I couldn't have survived this past year and a half without this girl in my life! The Lord definitely knows me and my needs and He knew that I needed a friend like Amelia. So blessed.

Happy, Happy Birthday Amelia Bedilia. 
Let's hope our 24th year will be a great one! :) So lucky to have you in my life!
I LOVE YOU (more than all the warm treats, mcflurries, pizza and $1 drinks)

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