Baby Girl!

However, Baby Girl isn't such a baby anymore. When in the world did that happen?! Oh ya, when I left home in 2006. dangit. Little sister is officially a teenager today! I decided it was appropriate to write 13 things I just LOVE about this girl! For those who know her, they know she is quite the fantastic little chica. And for those who don't know her, here is a little inside scoop of this cute sister of mine! 
1. Lexie has such a sweet and loving heart.  She cares so much about the people in her life and never wants anyone to be sad. I can always count on this girl for some sweet and reassuring words for me. Yes, I get advice from a 13 year old. But she's one of the best because she cares for me and will speak the truth. And I know that by the ways she will show it. I'm so lucky to have such a sweet baby sister. 
2. Lexie is quite the comedian. She will act or say some of the FUNNIEST things! I wish I could just record her life. She will have the family constantly cracking up at the things she does or says. Like for instance, she wrote a "covenants of the house" sheet and wanted everyone to sign a piece of paper, even before we saw it! She wasn't tricking us. We were all a little smarter than that! We come to find out this "contract" is focused on her and her needs. Her are a few examples of what was put in there: 
"thou shalt covet ye lexie"
"thou shalt present lexie with money"
"thou shalt burp insideth the mouth"
"thou shalt goeth outside to 'let one rip'"
"thou shalt not stealelth lexie's phone"
"Ashley shalt take pictures" - duh, i do that enough
Seriously, WHAT THE?! as you can see- she is the creative little girl and will continually have us cracking up.
3. Lexie is a good student. Just recently, I was talking to her about school and she is little miss smarty pants. I honestly don't know how she can keep up with school, friends, cheer, and everything else going on in her life. But she is a bright girl cause she does well in ALL of her classes. That makes me one proud sister! She definitely didn't get her smarts from me. 
4. Lexie is a fun spirit. She is one of the most spunky and outgoing girls I know. I honestly don't know how she can have so much energy sometimes (wow, I sound like a grandma) But I can always count on her when I want to have a fun time and get a little crazy. 
5. Lexie has some sass. I don't know where she gets her attitude, but when she is on one, she is on one. Sometimes it can be funny and entertaining though. We love her little sassy attitude. And we like to egg her on. She puts up with so much being the baby of the family.
6. Lexie loves her family (this includes the puppy). She is so happy and excited when we are all home at the same time during the holidays or summer time. Even though she still is warming up to liking all the sports (like watching them on TV) she'll try to appreciate them and we know one day she will grow to love them all with us! But she enjoys spending some fun, quality time with the fam bam. It's one thing I feel so lucky to have. My family is so fantastic. We all love and care for each other and LOVE being together. It brings out the best (or most annoying) attributes in us. We are quite the fam. I'm one lucky girl. 
and she has the BEST siblings ever,,, duh.
7. Lexie is talented. She LOVES to sing (sometimes not seriously), she plays the piano, and will make up little dance routines with her amigas. She's always wanted to be an actress so we'll see where she goes in life. 
8. Lexie loves this gospel. Even at such a young age, she knows this church is true and understands all the blessings we can recieve if we follow the commandments and listen to the words of the fantastic church leaders we have in this day. What an example she is to me just as a 13 year old. She may hate having 9 am church, but she will go because she knows it is the right thing to do and LOVES to learn
9. Lexie is Miss Fashionista. Seriously, why does she have better clothes than me?! Oh ya, cause I pay for my own and I'm poor. Sweet. But seriously, she looks SO cute and stylish every day. Maybe I should get some fashion advice from her? Sounds good. 
10. Lexie has a cute laugh. (Cody may not agree with one certain laugh she has. But he gets mad when she does that one and we all just crack up at it.) Seriously though, her laugh can be contagious... as long as it isn't fake or obnoxious. But it's totes adorb.
11. Lexie is a babe! She has grown into such a gorgeous and beautiful girl. It's hard for me to keep all those boys away from her when I am so far from home. She has grown up SO much since I left for school it just blows my mind! But she has become such a gorgeous young lady! :)

12. Lexie is a Braves fan. yes, I say this EVERY time about EVERY family member. but honestly, it's one of the most important qualifications to be in our fam. We won't be too hard on Brandon cause he likes the A's. But he also supports us in our Braves obsession so it's okay. And who could blame a 13 year old girl who doesn't like watching baseball on tv or listening to it on the radio? She loves going to the games and she pretty much knows every key player on the team. That's my girl. 
13. Lexie is one of my best friends. I am lucky enough to have grown up with 4 best friends. I can speak for all 4 of us when I say that we are so lucky and blessed our sweet baby sister was brought into our family 13 years ago.
I have hated that I have missed most of her growing up for the past 6 years, but I am so grateful I still get to see her every now and then and try to be a part of her life, at least just a little bit. Like I mentioned in Callie's birthday shout out, she is one of my sisters. And sisters hold a special place in my heart. I know that not everyone is lucky enough as I am to have even 1 sister, but I have 2! I know they will always be my best friends as we continue all the changes in our lives. I can't wait to see the adventures of this baby girl! She has so much in store for her!
So my sweet baby girl... on your 13th birthday, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you! I can't believe you are just growing up SO much and I am not there for it! I remember the day you were born and how excited I was to meet my new little sister! And now, you are growing into this beautiful, mature, loving, and fun sister! 
 You are an amazing sister and best friend. I am lucky to have you in my life! 

I'm sad I can't be there on your day of birth, but guess what?! I can't wait to see you TOMORROW to celebrate for the weekend! :) 
I love you forever Baby Girl!
Hope you have the happiest birthday EVER cause you deserve it :) 

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