30 hrs. later and...

we made it safe and sound back to Georgia!

We started the drive on Wednesday morning at 9 am, made it to Denver by 5 and hung out with my Mom's side of the family for a little less than a day. It was fun to see them and spend a little time with them before we headed out. Thursday we went to lunch with some of the family and headed out by 2:30. We drove the whole 22 hours with stops only for bathroom breaks, getting gas, and eating food (once)...did I mention we had 2 cars to drive back with only 3 people? We all took 3 hour shifts the whole entire way- so we'd rest for 3 and drive for 6. We made it back to our house by 3:00 and were so excited to be done with the trip!
Here are just a few pictures from the trip- all taken in Colorado:
Saying bye to Jordan who will be leaving this summer for his mission!I still can't believe how grown up we all are now! I have the best grandparents ever!
Some of the cousins plus my uncle ross at my grandparents house
Here are just a few moments that were pretty epic:
First- Taylor decided to take adderall so he could stay awake and focused while he drove 7 hours through the night. Taylor plus adderall is a trip, let me tell ya. It made him quite the talker and pretty entertaining for Callie and I.
Example #2: Later in the morning Taylor and I are driving and I told him that one area reminded me of the Lion King with the fog and sun rising and he said it reminded him of Remember the Titans and then goes on and tells me that the air smells so good and that I should roll down my window. Callie was sleeping in my car so he said when she woke up I should do it! Well.. I didn't but I'm sure it smelled wonderful.
Example #3- my favorite... Taylor texts me and asks when we are stopping for gas and such- I tell him in about an hour and asked him if the adderall was wearing off- he said sort of but it's more of a bathroom break is what he needed but he was sure he could wait. 30 minutes later... I recieve a text from Taylor that said- I just urinated in my cup. I don't need the bathroom anymore. I busted up laughing...not only did he pee in a 32 oz. cup, he almost filled it up to the top and he was driving, and it was pouring down rain...
oh the entertainment I recieved from Taylor while he was on adderall. Definitely a highlight.
Second- When I started driving last night around 10:30 I forgot to take out my contacts and put on my glasses.. so I got everything ready and then Taylor took the wheel for about 10 seconds while I took them out and put on my glasses. Impressive and Talented... I know.
Other then that, the trip seemed to go by pretty fast, thank goodness. I'm just glad it's done for a few months before we have to take that same trip again.

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