i might be a litttttle obsessed with...

Kris Allen.
seriously.... rawr.
Call me cheesy and maybe a 5 year old girl, but every time he gets on stage, I melt.
He is very good looking, plays the guitar, AND is a great singer... what else could you possibly want?
It is such a shame that he is already married... what a lucky woman.
I'm pulling for him to go to the finale! Only one more week to go till we find out!
One thing is for sure- I will see him during the Tour! I'm counting down the days!
Some of my favorite performances include:
Falling Slowly
The Way You Look Tonight
How Sweet It Is
She Works Hard For The Money
To Make You Feel My Love
I liked Come Together and his duet with Danny, Renegade from this past week.
Basically..everything he does, I love.
I sure do love me some Kris Allen.


Stu and Angie Milne said...

haha you're so funny. I love reading your blog because i get the idol scoop. i haven't been watching because i am so wrapped up in biggest loser and lost right now!

Dani Stolworthy said...

love him. miss danny terribly. My idol finale would be danny vs. kris. That way I could not be sad.