Back in town...

I just got back a few days ago from Orlando, Florida with my family and we had a really great time! My Dad's cousin, Wayne and his wife, Cindy met up with us for the week along with their daughter, Jessica and her husband, Brian, and their kids, Jenna and Emily!! (hope that wasn't too confusing) We had a lot of fun! My Dad, Taylor, Callie, and I drove out Thursday and my Mom, Cody, and Lexie came out on Saturday after school was done. The forecast said it was going to rain all day, everyday. Well... that only happened once. And it was our first day. So the rain stopped for a bit, so we played mini golf- and finished the last 3 holes in the down pour of rain! But we managed to still have a good day!
We got to see Earth-which was fabulous!- as well as Night at the Museum 2 in IMAX while we were there.
We played some tennis and spent a few hours in the morning at the pool with the family most days...

We went to my most favorite place ever- Sea World! Everytime I go I want to become a dolphin trainer! It looks like such a fun job!

Cody and Lexie went on their first rollercoaster too! We were so proud! And as a result of no food since breakfast, the hot sun, dehydration, and lots of loops and bumpiness on this particular rollercoaster pictured below, I got sick that day right when we were leaving- 5 rollercoaster rides later. I blame the rollercoaster for giving me that extra boost to get sick. But it didn't last too long.

So minus the fact that I got sick at the end of our day, we had a fun time at Sea World!
After Church we all went to the Orlando temple to walk around and take a few pictures too!

It was a great trip and break from life back at home! We had fun seeing our extended family and spending time relaxing and being with each other! Plus, since we've had such bad weather at home since we've been here, we have now started our summer tan :)


Kaycie Q said...

yay orlando! looks like such fun! and i wouldn't be blamin kraken! it's your own fault you didn't ear nor drink! :] looove you!

Paige and Curtis said...

The Sant fam knows how to have fun! We're excited to come see you! When are you coming here?