May Events

Yes, I have been terrible at actually updating whats going on in my life. Instead I just post random things most of the time.
So, I have been home for a month now! I can't believe that ! I don't really know what has made the time go by so fast! We had maybe 3 days of sunshine since I'd been home up until a few days ago- so that was a drag cause we didn't go to the pool at all! I've babysat a few times and I think watching all my tv shows that are now over occupied my time, except So You Think You Can Dance is back and I am excited about that! :) ! I just recently got back from Florida for a week so maybe that's what helped speed things up a bit. I'll update that once I get pictures!
So here's whats been happening down in the sweet south..

We've celebrated a few birthdays of friends...

Spent some time at parks...
Got a massive tick out of my little sisters hair.. I was only there for support.

Our church made up their own "Alpharetta Idol".. we thought we were the stars

And, of course, I have done what makes my summer- Attend a few Braves games.. and more to come! :)
And I babysit the cutest little kids in the ENTIRE world- this is Reese. She is a doll.

So that's been my life this past month! Nothing really eventful I would say. June will be a busy month! That's all for now folks :)

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