little sister visits the provo children.

Callie and I had the privilege to host our 11 year old sister, Lexie, for 10 days in Provo.
It was a blast to have her here with us so we could show her the college life!

We showed her where we work:
Took her to many good places to eat, like J-Dawgs:
Took her bowling with our friends:
Went to a singles ward:
Took her to our Sunday picnic and hung out with our friends:
Had A Memorial Day Marathon, which included
Hiking the Y:
Slip n Sliding in Rock Canyon:
Having a BBQ:
And ending the day with YoZone with Auntie Tay:

I think Lexie had a great time here! She loved our friends, loved the food, and she got to see some close family friends she hasn't seen since she was little! We definitely had a fun time with her!
Now we just need Cody Bear to get out here!

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