Last weekend the Calvert Clan got together in Breckenridge, Colorado to celebrate my cute Grandparent's 55th Wedding Anniversary!
We had so much fun being all together! We were still missing a lot of the cousins and a few Aunts, but it was the first time we've had this much family together in a LONG time! It was so great to be with a lot of them. I seriously feel so blessed to have such a great family!

Seriously, aren't my Grandparents just the cutest things ever? I love them.
You can't tell from this picture (obviously) but we were SO hyper that night. I love it.
And did I mention how awesome my cousins are? We are so close and have so much love for one another it's amazing. We always have a blast together.

Representing 5 out of the 8 granddaughters. what up.
Primo!! So good to see this boy! It's been too long.
My favorite upcoming Missionary! He is going to be SO great! I'll miss him like crazy.
11 out of the 24 cousins (missing 3 in this picture that were there that weekend). We missed everyone else!
Nightly hot tubbing....
This was at 2 am after playing cards for over 2 hours with some cousins and uncles. One of the funniest nights ever!
My Grandparents and all 6 of their kids finally all together after so many years!
5 out of the 7 Sant's

It was such a nice weekend. It was great to get away from Provo. It was great to be in beautiful Breckenridge. And it was SO great to be with my amazing family. A weekend isn't long enough to spend with them. I miss seeing them all the time like the good ol' days! They are so great and I loved every minute I spent with them this weekend! Hopefully it isn't as long as it has been before we are all reunited again!

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