have i been looking forward to this for months? yes.

the time has finally come!
EFY 2010 will begin in just a little over a week!!
am i ecstatic about the following things?

1. all the hustle and bustle of registration,
2. looking like fools at the hot and sweaty dance parties because kids think you are cool no matter what,
3. the energy needed for games night,
which now includes youth sucking up to me since I'm gonna be a BC... what up
4. Reuniting with some AMAZING co-workers,
5. stuffing our faces at pizza night because it is the best food we get all week,
6. the skits at the Variety Show that keep you laughing,
7. Reuniting with kids that change my life forever,
8. seeing the youth excited about the service activity,
9. the strength of youth activity- even when you get the most awkward one,
10. hanging out with some of the coolest kids i will ever know who keep me laughing,
11. having amazing session directors,
12. and last, but not least, the exhaustion that results at the end of each week.

you better believe I'm ecstatic about all of the above. it's only my favorite part of the summer.

Dear EFY 2010,
Thanks for coming so quickly. I've missed you this year and can't wait for an amazing 3 weeks with the best people I know! I'm so ready.
Love, The Biggest EFY Junkie You Will Ever Meet

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