the six flags adventure.

While we were at home for the weekend, the 5 Sant kids took a trip to Six Flags! I was so excited to go since Utah doesn't really have anything like a Six Flags here.
And it was quite the adventure I must say...
We were in line waiting for Goliath, one of my most favorite rides there! And it is the best when you are in the front row! So, we went straight there and proceeded to wait for 30 minutes. As we were 2nd in line for first row, Lexie started complaining about how she was hungry and didn't feel good. I repeatedly told her that morning to make sure she ate some breakfast and she even told me she did. Well, she had a banana but I didn't know that was all she had until she was complaining at the park. But when you are standing in 90 degree, humid, hot, weather... you need to eat and she was most likely dehydrated.
So she started putting her head down on the handle bar when Callie noticed her lips were white. So she lifted her head back up to show me and all of a sudden Lexie started falling down towards me, she was passing out! Luckily we caught her and for about 10 seconds we were trying to get her to wake up. She finally woke up having no idea what happened. But we got out of the line and got her some water since none of us had money and a worker noticed us and took us to First Aid. She rested there for about 15 minutes while we went on a ride, had some chips and water then we went to Wendy's to get some real food for her.
Once she ate and got more energy, she was ready to go on rides for the rest of the day! I was just glad she was okay because I was so worried about her!
Then while on superman, Taylor lost his cell phone! We all told him he would lose his phone if he kept it in his pocket but he didn't listen. oh well.
The rest of the time at Six Flags was a blast! Most kids were still in school in Georgia so we hardly waited in any lines for more than 5-10 minutes! It was great!
I can't wait to visit again!

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