back in session.

well, it's back to school.
which means it's back to the busy life of school, work, and being social!
i do love the fall time here at BYU.
everyone is fresh, happy, and excited to be here!

I got to see a lot of EFY loves for a Sunday dinner the day before school started. I sure do love my EFY family and am so happy a lot of us are out here in Provo!
My old roomies and some other friends went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner to celebrate Lizzie's birthday! One of my most favorite restaurants. So delicious!
Jared was asked to play at BYU's Fall Fest this past weekend.
He had a pretty good support team and we cheered super loud for him! :)
Then these fabulous ladies and I went to a free Benton Paul concert where our roommate's Boyfriend opened for him. It was on the roof of a parking garage and so fun!
Saturday night was a marathon night with this lovely Roommate, Suzanne. We went every where and did every thing that night. We snatched these awesome glow-sticks from our Ward Party.
In just 3 days we had 4 apostles, our General Relief Society President, and the President of the Seventy come to BYU! How lucky are we to have these special opportunities. I love being here!
This was the morning after Stake Conference with all my roomies but one. I sure do love them!
That night we went to the Fireside and got front row seats thanks to Parker, Britt, and Nicole. So awesome! Elder Scott gave such a great and tender talk. Love that man.
Then it was another epic night to end the weekend. We went dessert/party hopping all night. Such a success. I have such fun friends and I love it.
So there you have it.
I love BYU.
I love Fall.
I love my Roommates/Friends.
I'm loving life.
Counting my blessings for sure.

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