3 of my favorite men.
Jack Johnson.
Dave Matthews.
John Mayer.

In less than 2 weeks I have seen all 3 of these men live in concert in Salt Lake City.
Jack and Dave were free, compliments to my friend Nick Barnes who gets free concert tickets through his job at a radio station.

So Jack Johnson was incredible! I think he sounds better live than on his CD's and his music is so good! I went with Nick, Em, and her co-worker, Curtis. We had a lot of fun dancing and singing to his tunes. I love me some Jack Johnson.
We got to ride in this van to the concert- we parked right in front, and it was free to park! So great. And people kept coming up to us asking for prizes and such. So hilarious.
A few days later, Nick and I went again with 3 of his friends to the Dave Matthews concert! We had 6 tickets and it was SO hard to find friends to come since everyone was home during the 2 week summer break. Insane. Sadly, they didn't let me take my camera in, so this is the only picture I got (stolen from Tati) It was a fun concert, but there were SO many people around us smoking and getting drunk so it wasn't too enjoyable.

Last night I went to John Mayer with a lot of friends! It was a BLAST! Owl City opened for them and it was really good too!
I met up with these favorite people of mine before the concert cause we weren't all sitting together.
I came with some of my favorites from my EFY team this past summer. Love them.
Here are 4 out of the 6 roomies. They are cute and I love them lots. We all got to go to the concert together so it was a blast!
These are my new friends. Some I've been friends with already like Zack and Jake, but we are all connected through EFY and Roomies. I love it. And I love new friends.
I got to meet up with Tay and Nick too. We all have some mighty love for John Mayer and were super excited to be there.
Here was the big group of cool kids I got to go to the concert with! It was such a blast! We all stood up and went a little closer to dance most of the time! John was amazing and played fabulous music!
After the concert, we did a little dancing in the parking lot while waiting for the traffic to die down and then went to the Sev to get slurpies and some peanut butter candy. We had the munchies. And we had a fun car ride.
So that concludes my summer concert series.
I am planning on attending many more in the next few months (hopefully).
I have become a concert junkie.
And i love it.


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Kaylie and Garrett said...

Oh my gosh what a fun end to your summer!!! Have a great time in Ptown! I miss it and you!