I sure do love this place.
It just takes my breath away every time I come to Lake Powell...if you remember last year, I am a little obsessed with this place. It's so beautiful and I am just so happy with life when I go.
This year was a little different. I got to go with my Grandparents, some aunts, uncles, cousins, Taylor, and Callie. It was weird not to have my parents and Cody and Lexie there, we missed them but we still had such a fun time with our extended family!

Just a few highlights:

My grandparents are precious. i love them and they made this trip possible :)

We woke up around 6:30 or 7:00 every morning to get the best of the water while we skiied and wakeboarded.

Our typical meal spot outside on the front of the boat...so chill and SUCH good food!
We visited our Victory Cove were we stayed last year... such sweet memories there.

We got on the front of our houseboat as it was moving. almost got busted by the Patrol for $1,000. oops.
well worth it though. i love my family.
The Sant Kids with Grandma Kay.
This was our little cove we stayed in this year. Loved it. It was so tiny that no other boat could possibly stay there so we had it all to ourselves.
Our Houseboat. 2nd Home.

We wanted to have bonfires, fireworks, and parties up in this sweet cove, but it never really happened. Oh well. Cute picture opportunity even if we are tiny.
The best part about Powell is that we are constantly in our swim suits and in the water doing fun things all day. It's just so relaxing and chill. I love it.
We helped Grandma husk some corn in preparation for dinner one night. We've been pro corn huskers. What up. I love Lake Powell Meals.
I love the night time at Lake Powell. These were our nightly sleeping arrangements, which were pretty comfy. Sleeping on lawn chairs with cushions and pillows and blankets. We would spend hours just talking about whatever and looking at millions of stars, satellites, and shooting stars. Such a cool experience.
We had our afternoon Tube Runs where everyone would get beat up and exhausted by the Uncles insane driving skills.
Example A. You can see Tay to the the bottom left of the tube and Justin's legs to the right.
We loved our early morning ski runsssss....
Callaman and I had our cereal nights too! Nothing like some sugar cereal at 10 pm! Only at Lake Powell.

It was such a fun Labor Day weekend! I love being totally secluded from the world; just relaxing all day long, in swim suits, without any worries.

I'm ready to go back again. Hurry up Summer.


Kaycie Q said...

i was in the room when you were writing this. woot.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you