love today.

i'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Valentines Day.
an extra reminder that I am single? no thanks. i'll pass.
But then I snapped out of it.
I remember those days growing up where I LOVED Valentines Day! I loved making cards for the kids in my class, I loved getting carnations from friends in school, I loved wearing pink and red, I loved the festive treats... I just LOVED everything about Valentines Day!
I don't know what switched or made me wish that we could skip February 14th all together. I guess since I am older, I put this wild idea in my head that Valentines Day holds no significance for me if I don't have that special someone to celebrate it with.
how stupid.
Thank goodness I knocked some sense into me just in time to enjoy today.
Valentines Day is all about love!
[And it isn't just for those who have a significant other or meant for the romance side of love]
For me, it's about remembering those people who I love in my life and who love me in theirs.
I am so lucky I get to surround myself with people I love on this wonderful holiday!
Today, I am full of extra love for the amazing family and friends I have in my life!
I'm sorry I don't have anything special to give you to on this extra special day, but know that I love you.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone! :)

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