becker boy.

today in class we were talking about animals and the roles they play in our lives.
we talked a lot about dogs- looked at cute pictures, and watched funny videos.
it's funny cause sometimes we treat our animals like real people.
for instance, sometimes I'll hear Becker barking in the background while I'm talking to my Mom on the phone. My Mom then decides to put it on speaker phone cause she wants me to start "talking" to my dog. Right, like he understands. Not to mention, I feel ridiculous. but I do it cause I love him. haha.

anyways, it made me miss this cute puppy of mine A LOT today.
I am so glad we decided to get this a dog when I was in High School.
He is the funniest puppy and such a great part of our family!
I love taking him on car rides with me because he just gets so excited. Sometimes I forget he's in the back and you'll just hear him sliding. But he's okay and he knows I didn't do it on purpose. He's one tough pup.
Or I love when he howls like crazy when we ask him if he wants to go on a walk and he'll start prancing around the room.
i just love my Becker Boy and wish he could live with me in Utah!

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Kaycie Q said...

correction: he does not like car rides when you are at the wheel.