It's is a very special day for this friend I have, Miss Emily McBride aka Em Bem.
Today is her 23rd Birthday and I'm so excited I get to celebrate with her!!!!! We weren't that good of friends on her last birthday so I only stopped by her place for a little bit with Kyle. But not this year... we are going to partyyyy it up! :)
Em and I met at work a little over a year ago now. I remember the day I met her-she just came up to my desk all happy and smiley. She was so friendly and nice to me. She made me feel SO welcomed and I was hoping we'd become friends because she seemed like a really "kewl" girl, and that we did. We played many scrabble games and were always wanting the gossip from our other co-workers. It was a grand time working with this lady. Sadly, we only had a short time to work together, but we are hoping we will get to work together again. Fingers crossed!!!
There are just SO many reasons why I love this fabulous girl! But to name a few...

Emily is SUPER talented! If you have never heard her play the guitar and/or sing- you really should ask her to do that for you sometime. She is AMAZING! And I'm not just saying that... any chance I get, I ask her to play me some of my favorite songs that she sings. I seriously wish I could sing and play like she does. Amazing doesn't even describe it.
Emily LOVES to have picnics with me! No one wanted to go with me when the weather was warming up last year except for this girl. We had a blast just sitting on our blanket, talking, eating, and making sure the ducks wouldn't come near me (cause maybe I was afraid of them)! Regardless, I could always count on her to come have a picnic in the park and it was always a good time!
Emily loves to do fun things! Whether it's decorating crazy pizzas or going to last minute concerts- anytime I'm with Emily, it'll be a good time. There is never a dull moment in my life when I am with her. She always puts a smile on my face!
Em is a pretty great friend to have! I know that I can always count on her whenever I need someone, I can trust her, she'll be there to cheer me up, make me feel loved, will listen to me complain, can give great advice, helps me with my papers, she'll laugh at me or with me, and I know that she cares for me. There's not many people like Emily in this world so I feel pretty lucky to have her in my life.
Emily LOVES dance parties! Even if we are the only ones in the room dancing, she will continue to dance crazy with me and sing all the words to the songs. AND, she loves my "efy dancing" skills I have, which make me feel like I am a great dancer (even though everyone knows I'm not).
Emily makes me feel like I'm a funny person. And I think Emily is a funny person. She will always make me laugh. We like to act ridiculous when we are with each other and will constantly be laughing at one another. It's a pretty great thing.
Without fail, I can always count on Em to talk on gchat during our long, maybe boring days at work. It gets quite entertaining with "creepy texts", random websites/videos to look at, gossiping about whatever, etc. It helps our days go by faster.
I love the love Emily has for her family. I know that she loves her brothers and parents more than anything in this world and would drop everything for them. She understands me and I understand her when we talk about our families cause we both seem to have pretty awesome ones!
So here is to one of the greatest friends I have! I could seriously go on about so many great things about Emily! I am sooooo glad that I got that job a year ago so we could meet and become such great friends this year! And, I am SO excited you are moving back down to Provo so we can hang out more! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever today Em Bem! I LOVE YOU :)

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emilymcb said...

Thank so much, Ash. Love you! :)