Valentines Day Happenings.

So like I said before, I have rekindled my relationship with February 14th. Valentines Day is a GREAT day!
And this year, it was a happy day spent with those I love!

Highlights from the day:
-Weather was absolutely GORGEOUS! Some of the day was spent on our little porch outside reading.
-Miss Kaycie Q here bought all the roommates roses along with a princess valentine card. Such a tender girl she is! And not to mention, she looks SMOKIN' hot for her date with the Alejandro man for the evening.
-I went on a HOT date with 3 of my roommates to Costa Vida and then we all squeezed into a photo booth for some classic pictures that are now posted on our fridge for all the world to see.
-We came home to this surprise of balloons and candy from Miss Nicole Erin Wait. We were excited to say the least. Such a sweetheart! We sure do love her!
-Stopping by some friends houses that night to hang out for a bit, slurpees included.
-Ending the night playing Mario Kart with Mia

Needless to say, I love my family, I love my friends, and I loved Valentines Day 2011.

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