Post Wedding Party.

Sunday morning the fam bam got up and went to church across from the Newport Beach Temple. 
[see how gross, windy, and cold it was that day? good thing it wasn't the day before cause Cal's Wedding Day was PERFECT]
Then we took another trip to Balboa Island, but decided we should take the Ferry over there, with our car on the boat. We had a little time to kill while waiting in line so we took a few pictures by the water. 
This was the first time this cute cousin of mine cooperated and took a picture with me! He loves the "dinosaur roar" as he calls it, so it was a success. he's such a crack up. 
That night we went over to Uncle Wayne's house for some birthday dessert with some of the other Sant cousins, it was a good time. 
Monday was Memorial Day and we went with our good friends, the Nichols, to a private beach to enjoy the day. We went exploring, made some sandcastles, relaxed in the sun, and enjoyed playing with the cute little kids! 
That night, we went out to eat with some family to the Cheesecake Factory. And these fabulous ladies and I decided to eat our Banana Cream Cheesecake while we waited to be seated. NBD. Well worth it and I still ate my meal. 
Our last day in California we were up bright and early and went to Disneyland!
It was a blast! The weather wasn't too hot and we didn't have to wait too long to go on rides! 
Not to mention, it's always fun going with the little kids because they are so excited about everything! 
Soarin over California was seriously one of the coolest things I've experienced! changed.my.life. 
After we saw World of Colors, which was too amazing for words, some of the older kids stuck around for about an hour or so to go on a few more rides before we headed back to our hotel. 
We were tired.
We did a lot of walking and stayed at Disneyland for 15 hours, but we definitely made our monies worth! I'm ready to go back and experience that happiness again! 

And so, our California trip was over. 
I went to many places, saw many different things, got to be a part of the best day of my sister's life, and spent a lot of time with the people I love. 
It was a perfect vacation that flew by WAY too fast! 

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sexy lexie said...

Ash i forgot to look at your blog after the wedding! wowwwwww. so many ocassions. super duper fun times(: