sweet 16!!!!

remember when this boy used to be a WHOLE lot shorter than me?
ya, he decided to grow about 6 inches in the past year!!
and NOW... this baby brother of mine has turned 16 today!
[yes, all of these pictures came from this past week at EFY and i was SO happy I got to see him throughout the entire week]
 Cody is a hilarious kid! He'll say certain things and act certain ways that will make me laugh.. and my friends too. If you are in need of some entertainment (and an occasional eye rolling).. go find my bro. He'll make you laugh! 
 Cody is a sweetheart. He is so thoughtful, loving, respectful and caring.
Not just to his family but to friends and their parents too. Everyone really loves Cody. 
 Cody is dramaticccc ;) in a good way of course. But that's what we like to call him sometimes when he is yelling over nothing or gets sooooo dramatic about pointless situations. It's pretty entertaining, but we love him for it!  
 Cody loves the church! It was so awesome to watch him grow this past week at EFY. He is such an example to me and those he is around. I know he'll be a great missionary someday! 
He also loves sports, ESPECIALLY the Atlanta Braves. I say this every time, but I think it's a requirement in order for you to be a Sant.

I could talk for hours about how much I love this boy, but with it being in the middle of EFY crazy-ness, I have a lot of other things to do.
But I love my not-so-little-anymore Cody Bear. Happy sweet 16 bud! I can't believe that you are that old now!! I love you so much and hope it was a fantastic day! 

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