Foster Wedding.

 The time had finally come for the two love birds to get married! Do you know what that meant? A party in Hilton Head Island, SC was about to begin. 
We started off the fun wedding weekend getting some manicures at a salon and then Miss Kate Wessman (who I just miss dearly) was doing glitter toes! Well, since Kayc and I already had our nails done and we didn't want to mess them up, Alex was a champ & took off our old toe nail polish! What a gem he is. 
That night the wedding group went on a sunset/dolphin watch cruise.
Sadly, we didn't get to go on a ride on the crabber j this time around, but a picture for memory sake was a must. 
It was such a fun night surrounded by some of my favorite former roommates,
spotting a few dolphins (and being quick enough to capture that moment),
loving life as I look at the gorgeous view,
and having a grand time with these ladies all week! 
Our bachelorette party consisted of going with this sweet bride-to-be to Rita's frozen custard and shaved ice place. It was a delicious treat.
Friday came. We prepped things in the morning and then made the 2 1/2 hour journey to the Columbia temple. We got to babysit these two cute babies while waiting outside. We were just loving on them the entire time!  
Kayc did a  good job picking out some cute bridesmaids dresses and shoes for her wedding. I have no complaints here... I will definitely wear it all again! Not to mention, these 2 ladies are pretty great and fun to be around. 
Then Kayc and Alex came out! And they were GLOWING and sooooo happy and in love. I couldn't be happier for my sweet Kaycie. 
This girl and I go wayyyyy back so I was super happy I got to share this important day of her life by her side. She was STUNNING!
And the wedding partay! Such a good lookin' group...but the boys were a little outnumbered, huh? lucky them. 
There were so many great people who came to show love and support for these two. 
Including this young man who came all the way from Arizona! So great to see Mr. Swindlehurst for a little bit that weekend!
The reception was a great time. 
The cake was delicious,
and I got to spend some quality time with only some of my favorites from EFY just chatting and dancing away like we normally do. 
The Foster wedding was a success! It was a fun time with some great people, in a beautiful location, celebrating the beginning for two people that I love very much.
Congrats Kayc and Alex! Can't wait to hear about your exciting adventures ahead :) 

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Kaycie&myAlex said...

so happy you were there!! :)