let me tell you about this girl i know.

Today is my gorgeous, fun, exciting, energetic, hard working, spiritual, caring, thoughtful, insightful, smart, happy, loving best friend and cousins 23rd birthday! (really?! 23?! we are getting old)
and this past year, I was extra lucky to see her on many different occasions! 
She came to visit conference weekend, i saw her briefly the weekend after in San Fran, saw her again a few weeks later in Colorado for her brothers mission farewell, and then got to see her for my sisters wedding in California this summer! So maybe it isn't as much as I wish I could see her, but it was better than the previous years so it was better. 
But I love this woman for so many reasons, which some can be found here. So please take the time to read there just why I think this woman is SO great, amazing, and such an example to me. 
But since I think she is so wonderful, I'll just repost a few things-

 First off, these are my 2 best friends in life. I'm so grateful to have a cousin and sister so close in age. We've had a fun time growing up together, with lots of fun memories that I will always cherish. Callie would agree when I say Aubrey is the definition of a good friend. Not only that, but a best friend. She has been by my side through EVERYTHING. Whenever there is something going on in my life, she wants to know about it. I can turn to her for anything at any time of the day. I know she will always be there. 
 Aubrey likes to have fun. Call her up and you will pretty much be guaranteed a great time.

 She loves to have cooking sessions in the kitchen with us at Grandma's house. Sometimes we may not fully understand what it is we need to be doing, but we'll laugh and have smiles on our faces. I love cooking in the kitchen with these fabulous ladies [even if we are clueless half the time]
 She LOVES her family. And we all love each other too if you can't tell. I love us because we are all so close to one another and are always there to support each other. Even though all of our lives are going separate ways and being extremely busy, we remain just as close when we are apart. but it's always fun getting back together again. i love her and love the love she has for family. They always remain the first and most important thing in her life. 
 You are guaranteed a good time with this lady. She has quite the sense of humor and personality. Every time I'm with her or talk to her on the phone, she will almost always make me laugh. Most of the time, they are the most random things I have ever heard, but that's exactly why I love her. I love her for who she is. I love her "Aubrey-isms"

 She is always my support system. Especially on a day when your other best friend gets married. But if you need her, she'll stay by your side. That's something I admire so much about her. 
 And, again, she is a hard worker! One of the most dedicated women I know! She just finished up Fashion Design School in San Fran and is now working at the corporate Nordstrom in Seattle. I'm so proud of this girl and pushing her limits to fulfill her dreams and desires in life.
 She is a gorgeous girl, inside and out! The man who snatches her up will be one lucky guy because she is amazing. 

 I am so grateful to have this wonderful girl in my life and a part of my family forever. I know that no matter where we are and what may be going on in our crazy and different lives, we are always there for each other and have remained close. 

Happy birthday to my favorite model.
I hope it's a fantastic day because you deserve the best, remember that.
I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.
I love you Aubrey Lynn!

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