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Well, it's now been a month since I have returned back to the land of Provo and I am STILL trying to catch up...kinda pathetic, huh? Even though I was sad to leave the South, I was excited to get back. 
And I think maybe these 2 gems were as well who wanted to come pick me up at the PROVO airport, compliments of Frontier airlines. It was SO nice to get off the plane and not have to drive the 45 minutes back to Provo. But I was SO happy to see my two friends who I had been separated from for such a long time! Seriously, it was one of the happiest reunions ever! And, Daddy-o was still in town after driving cross country with Taylor so he showed up as well and took us to get some ice cream. It was a grand time. I was so, so happy to be with them again. 
So here's what else has been occupying my time this last month:

Dad, Nicole, and I went glow in the dark miniature golfing and ate some delicious Texas Roadhouse (yum,yum,yum). It was fun to spend a day with my Dad before he went back to Atlanta.
We also drove up to squaw peak to look at the view and even went on this path for a mini hike to work off all that delicious texas food we partook of. I love the summer time in Provo because the weather is perfect. It's so nice, sunny, warm, and will cool off in the evenings a little bit but still be just as enjoyable. Too bad it's almost over and the snow will be coming. Yuck.
I stayed at Nicole's that whole week (bless her and her family for being so kind). In the mornings I'd wake up, apply for jobs for a few hours and then we'd hit up the local pool at Glenwood for some sun and swim time. We wanted to soak up summer as much as possible, and of course slurpees after a good pool sesh were a must.
We have also taken a couple trips to the Mt. Timpanogas temple to do some baptisms, which was great! I have never been in that temple till then and it is gorgeous!! Not many people go there so we get in and out pretty quick and the workers there are just so sweet. 
That weekend we FINALLY go to move into our house and I FINALLY was reunited with Miss Katelyn Stone! It had been a few months and I only saw her for about an hour during that time so I was more than excited that I would see her longer than a few hours and we were going to be roommates again this year! Of course I had to go back to comedy sportz my first weekend back in town to laugh a little and support my good friend, Shaun. 
 Sadly, I missed out on one of the greatest things about the summer- movies at Rock Canyon Park on Monday nights. But don't worry, I was able to go to their last one before they ended for the year. We just invited a big group of people to come along so it was fun to be reunited with some friends I hadn't seen yet since I'd been back. 
We had a ladies night and went to see Shaun perform in an impromptu musical at some piano place in Pleasant Grove. It was hilarious! I loved it and loved spending time with my friends, they are gorgeous huh?
Later that night I went to an EFY bonfire for the east coast, aka my Palmyra friends! I was so,so excited to be reunited with these friends! I was sad I was with them only for a week this summer, but I'm glad we are all in Provo and can hang out!
Nicole and I just had to white trash it up one Saturday morning because we had been without internet in our home for a few days and I needed to apply for some jobs. We just went up to BYU campus in our jammies and sat there glued to our computers. we're dorks. 
I went to the Latin Festival in downtown Provo with these fun friends of mine one night. 
And we had our first roommate picture after church! Seriously, these girls are so great and such fun people to be around. I got lucky another year in a row in having some awesome roomies! 
Labor Day I went down to Park City with some girls and Shaun (what a champ) to walk around, do a little shopping, and go to have some pizza. I love Park City! It's such a cool town to spend the day in. 
A hummingbird sadly hit our door and was left dead on our porch one day. RIP little birdy. Thanks to Nicole for taking care of that. 
I love the random nights where we decide to walk to the sev with some friends to get some slurpees. They are some of my favorite nights. 
My 2 dear HC's and friends from EFY this summer got engaged and I couldn't be more excited for these two! 
I got to babysit this cute thing for the day. Seriously, she is adorable and has grown up so much! 
There was a free concert outside of Sammy's and I got to hang out with some cute babes there. 
We finally had an EFY reunion one night! We all went up the Provo Canyon, had a bonfire, and just had a great time catching up with each other. 
Although some of our family is missing, it was so fun to be reunited with all of them!  I miss EFY, lots. 
While nights still aren't too cold, I love staying outside. Kate, Nicole, and I went to the park across the street from our house one night and just laid on a blanket. I don't know why I haven't done that every night!
After I had some yummy dinner with these two favorites, we went to the fireside where Elder Oaks spoke. I love being able to go up the street to see an Apostle of the Lord speak to us. Seriously, so lucky. 
The roomies went out one night to the Olive Garden for some bonding time. Seriously, such a fun group of girls that make me laugh and smile. Love them.

And there you have it.
Yes, it seems pretty scatter brained, but I just wanted to get it all out in one post. 
But I really have enjoyed being back in Provo, getting back into the swing of things, and being with friends again.  

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LindsayNicole said...

Love all the pictures and glad youre enjoying Provo! MIss ya Ash!