Amelia Bedelia.

Today is a special day for this cute roommate of mine.
Amelia Bedelia is turning 23 today! She is the baby of our house [even if I only beat her by a few weeks] ....and I can speak for our whole house when I say we love her SO much and are so grateful she lives with us :)

This was the first picture Mia and I had together as friends/ roommates. quite the tender moment; from then on, i knew we'd be good friends!
In honor of this special day, I'm gonna tell you exactly why I love this Mia girl of mine:

I love Mia cause she attended the last $1 scoop nights Baskin Robbins ever had followed by a Christmas Movie with Nicole during December. Such fun nights. Always looked forward to Tuesday nights!
I love Mia cause she is a hard worker. She worked a ton last semester and still works a ton with a full school load. Not the easiest thing. But I sure do love coming to visit her at work!
I love Mia cause she'll be a dedicated student with me. Like this one time we went to the library by 8 am in the snow to study for finals. And we brought these bad boys in. Saved our lives.
I love Mia because she doesn't care what others think of her. Like, she doesn't think it's dumb to punch out the lenses of 3D glasses and wear them around all day [school, work, dinner, etc.] She does what she wants.
I love Mia cause she'll go on roommate dates, sneak our drinks into a movie in her purse, and dance around the theatre with me for 10 minutes when no one else is in there.
I love Mia cause she's a good friend. She continues to help me become a better person. I know I can talk to her, trust in her, laugh with her, do crazy things with her, watch ridiculously hilarious youtube videos with her constantly, play games with her, and go on rants about things that drive us nuts. she's pretty great.
I love Mia cause she'll join me in looking like a fool and dancing around the house while every one else there just watches and laughs.
I love Mia cause she has the same love for The Rocket Summer as I do. It made it one epic and fun concert.
I love Mia cause she is a great cook! We love to make pancakes, cookies, and warm treats quite frequently. But seriously, I love making food with this Betty Crocker.
I love Mia cause she has been a great roommate! We didn't really know each other going into this school year, but I have LOVED every minute of living in this house with her. I lucked out on getting this girl in my life.
I love Mia cause she likes to be random. Like on our trip to Vegas, she brought bubalicious gum and we had bubble blowing contests to and from Vegas. She is quite the talented one. Not to mention, it gave us some entertainment.
I love Mia cause she is up for road trips. Our Vegas trip would not have been the same without this woman. You could say this is when I officially just knew I'd love having this girl around. She is hilarious and a fun vacation partner!
I love Mia because she loves Vans and mini golf. [and taking ridiculous pictures]
I love Mia cause she loves to exercise. She may not love the long walk back from a hot day at a football game, but who does? She's a champ.
I love Mia cause she loves party hopping to random peoples houses. She is always up for new and exciting things.

So here's to you, Amelia Bedilia. I hope you have the BEST 23rd birthday ever, you totally deserve it! I love you more than all the reasons I've already listed, but I am SOOO glad that we got to live together this year and become such great friends! My life would not be the same without you!
Have a Happy, Happy Birthday :)

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suzannemarie said...

how in the world do you know your first picture taken with people. You and your bajillion picture albums are one of a kind... :)