Georgia On My Mind.

that can mean one thing...
I'm going back to Georgia today... FOR A WEEK!
Adios 100 degree weather, I'm going back to the 80's. (is it weird that I felt like 80 degrees is cold so I may need a jacket? holy cow... who am I?!) 
it's an even better trip this time because Tay, Cal, and Brandon will all be joining us as well! it'll be great to spend some time with the sibs. we all haven't been home together since Christmas!  
and not ONLY do I get to spend time with all the fam, but The Johnson's are now Georgia Residents and I am more than excited to see the best friend and hubs! 
and of course, this adorable dog. 
ya, i'm excited.
see ya soon, Georgia!

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KaycieQ said...

oh good! I'm glad you found a ticket home! Have fun!