EFY: Week 2 Fresno

Week 2 in Fresno was pretty hot! That first Sunday we were there, it was 108 degrees!! Luckily, the weather cooled down a little bit for us and we enjoyed our time. 
Remember how I just explained who Melissa was? We dubbed Monday's "Melissa Monday's" cause they truly are exhausting. This is how we felt after a long Melissa Monday was complete. 
As weeks go on and counselors continue to come to each session, we are able to become better friends and have a blast together at dances and such. 
Games Night is always exhausting as we scream to children (and counselors) non stop, but we always love when it comes to an end and we can relax and watch the cheers! 
These boys were the 'heart throbs' of our Variety Show this year as they sang... you guessed it, One Direction. These boys were hilarious. They called me Daisy or Jasmine all week long. 
Lucky for us, the temple was right outside of the church building we were at! We took a brief family photo shoot. 
and even after 2 weeks we loved each other lots 
Yet again, I had a killer BC group. Tara, Lauren, and Monica. They were rad. 
I also was in charge of the musical program that week. I had 2 fabulous helpers, Jessica and Sam, with me. Even though it can be stressful cause you want it to be perfect, I LOVE the musical program! Even in practices I forget about all my worries and stress and love the spirit that fills the room as the youth sing. It really is an incredible and rewarding experience. 
A few times this summer, kids would come up to me and ask me if I was in Palmyra last year. I have a special place in my heart for that session. And those kids. Well, Brielle, to my right, was there last summer as well! So we instantly connected and I loved that girl all week! (Carly, on the left, is such a babe too!)
Friday was a bit crazy as we were missing 2 of our boys, Logan and Jaron, who headed to Santa Barbara a day early to get things set up and ready! Somehow we managed! 
Our fabulous week 2 team! We were definitely smaller, but still had a fantastic week! 
And I loved our session directors, the Hawkins. They were so awesome and perfect for these kids! 
2 weeks down, 5 more to go! time was already flying!

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