Mormon Night.

Yes, my dream came true.
Since the 1990's the Braves haven't had a Mormon Night at a game.
Well, don't worry folks- it has FINALLY come back!
And not only did I go, but I got to go with a lot of EFY friends that came into town!
It was SO fun to see some of my favorite people the day before I left!

And to top it all off, Jeff Francoeur (former Brave/boyfriend) was here playing against us. I was a little sad about this, but I love him. I was soooo happy I got to see him!

We had to show Nina all the cool things we have at our Stadium, like these coke seats-
And a bunch of us with the Atlanta Skyline-
I sure do love this field.

It was such an epic night. It was fun to see a lot of EFY friends. And not to mention- as we were up at the coke seats taking pictures, we heard some kids yell- "HEY! There's some EFY counselors!" ...only at Mormon Night would this happen! haha
It was a blast and a good way to end my time at home!
I love my braves and LOVE my awesome friends! I wish everyone was out in Provo!

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Kaycie Q said...

i'm so sad i couldn't be there. stupid flying!