happy valley.

it has been 4 weeks since I returned to Utah and school begins tomorrow! weird.
it's been a pretty eventful 4 weeks though I must say. It's mainly consisted of working, packing, cleaning, and unpacking.
but i have been able to do some other fun things in between all that not-so-fun stuff.
Such as....

Reuniting with these lovely former roommates for Britt's wedding, she looked gorgeous and I am SOOOO happy for her!
Hiking Stewart Falls-
Going to get shaved ice with friends on a daily basis. So delicious.
Going to the pool a few times to get some sun time in before school and work take over my life! I went up to Alpine this day with Callie and Taylor to hang out with the Hammonds and Reeves. It was fun to spend a day with them and catch up on everyones lives!
I got together with some of my Efy team and we watched the Meteor Shower at the Park!
Went down to Spanish Fork on a Friday night to go to the Utah County Fair and watch a rodeo with these fine people! We all dressed like cowboys/girls to get more into it! Such a blast!
That Saturday, I went to Mona Lake with some more EFY friends to go on some rope swings into the lake! I wasn't as successful as the boys (as in maybe I face planted it the moment I was swinging off the tree), but it was still a lot of fun!
That night Annette, came into town on her way to Cedar City for a few hours so some friends got together and went to the Nicklecade! We took home a few prizes from all of our tickets- such a success.
And just a week ago, this cute boy went into the MTC. We have known the Nichols our whole life so it was fun to reunite with some of them and get to say bye to Parker before he was headed to the Czech for the next two years! He is so grown up, I can't even believe it.
and during the last week of summer I was a Y Group Leader for New Student Orientation! I got to see some of my Southern loves who will be freshman this year. So crazy!

So that's what I've been doing at the end of summer life. So sad it's already over.
Now onto Fall semester!

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