So I've been totally slacking on my blog lately.
I've been back in Utah for over 2 weeks now! I can't even believe it! It has been a little hectic with work, packing, moving, and being homeless for a few days.

But anyways, I got to spend a few days at home right before EFY began.
You could say that I spent my time wisely...

The second night I was home, Kayc flew in and we went to see some of our favorites at a Bonfire out in Kennesaw. I was so happy to be back in the South and to see some friends I hardly see anymore since some stay home and some I never see out at BYU!
The next day we took a blessed trip to Lake Lanier. We did a little tubing action, some relaxing in the sun, and a little tanning before we were without sun/water for 3 weeks! I love the lake.
And OF COURSE I had to get my Braves game in before EFY began!
Right after the Saturday training, about 30 counselors all went to the Braves game that night! It was SO much fun! I loved being back at Turner Field, dancing, tomahawk chopping, and yelling for my boys! Not to mention, we had quite the game with Troy Glaus hitting a homerun at the bottom of the 9th to win the game. It was great and I was SO happy to be back home to watch those boys in action!
What a good way to start my vacation time back in the South.

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