this is braves country.

I feel the need to dedicate an entire post to the boys I love.
The Atlanta Braves.

Because I am a HUGE fan and they deserve it.
1. Bobby Cox, who has been our manager since 1990, is sadly retiring after this season.
What a great man.
(that's him on the big screen)
He holds the all-time record for ejections in Major League Baseball with 156.
He ranks 4th on the Baseball All-Time Managerial Wins list, with 2,195 wins.
He led the Braves to a division title every season from 1991-2005 (excluding the 1994 strike strike season), winning the World Series in 1995.
He's done some good work here. It'll take a lot to replace him next season.
2. Our team is on FIRE right now.
We are currently in the lead for our division.
We have baseball's best home record of 44-17.
We hold the record for last-at-bat win, with their 22nd last at bat victory just a few days ago.
3. Jason Heyward.
Love him. This kid has SO much talent and is so humble about it too. Don't worry that in his major league debut, first game of the season in April, he whacked that baseball out of the park for a homerun. My prediction: Rookie of the Year?
4. Our pitchers.
We have had quite the pitching rotation this year. They have delivered for us to help us stay on top of our division. I think it would be extremely nerve racking to be a pitcher so my hat goes off to them. They do a fabulous job.
5. Last but not least, the entire team.
I wish I could talk about every one individually cause they are doing so awesome, but I know this post doesn't appeal to many.
We've had a couple rough patches lately with injuries and trades and what not, but our boys seem to step it up and continue to fight for the title. Just when I think we've lost the game, we come out with grand slams, home runs, triples, even just a single to win! It always gets me more pumped up for future games!
And did I mention we had 5 of the Braves on the All-Star team this year? And Brian McCann gave us the win with a 3 run-liner and was named MVP of the 2010 All-Star game?
That's what's up.

So here's to you, Atlanta Braves.
Thanks for always keeping your #1 fan happy (at least most of the time). I am no fair weather fan either; regardless of the horrible seasons we've had these past few years (up until now of course), I have supported you 100%. Keep up this good work, I like it.
Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but let's win the World Series this year, yes?
Let's do it for Bobby.

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