goodbye september.

Does anyone else feel like September is the longest month EVER?
Honestly, every year, September just seems to drag on and will never end!
But I like September. Everyone is fresh back from the summer and happy that the weather is still treating us nicely here in Provo, Utah. It's a pretty great month for Cougar Town.
The weather was AMAZING too- I think it was in the 80's almost every day. That never happens. But I was happy because I love warm weather more than anything else!
So September was pretty eventful. If I haven't mentioned already, I LOVE my house and my roommates! They are all so fun and cute! We have had a lot of fun hanging out with each other! I feel like I won the jackpot with these fine ladies! You know me and my pictures, so here are my highlights from September, not in any order:

I went with this lovely lady to see Stephanie Nielson speak at BYU. She is such a cute and an inspiring woman; I loved every minute of her talk. She made me think a lot differently about myself and the blessings I have in my life.
We threw a little surprise birthday party- aka for 5 people- for Ry Guy at the casa.
I got to babysit the cute Reeve girls for a weekend while their parents went to San Fran! It was a blast! These girls are my favorites and SO adorable! This is 6 month old Saylor who is just precious. I love her!
we even had a fun little sleepover in the parents bedroom- the girls slept in their sleeping bags on the floor :)
I attended my first BYU game of the season, where we sadly lost. It's just not our year this year with those cougs. But still, football games are always fun!
The Mower Fam (my 2nd fam bam) came into town for the weekend so we were able to go up and have dinner with them one night. I love them lots.
Friends attended our Stake Activity, which included free jdawgs, and a dance party with massive amounts of glowsticks. it was a blast.
We had a back to school work party... I LOVE my work friends. Have I mentioned that before? Pretty sure I have, but they are AWESOME. We always have so much fun together!
September really kept me busy with school, work, and the social life.
But October is even busier!
I have something going on every weekend in October whether it's family visiting or going out of town.
[more to follow soon.. i promise. it's a slow game of catching up. better late than never right?]
until then.. peace, love, and happiness.

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