Weekend 2. INSANE.

Weekend 2 in October tops any other weekend I have ever had along with any other road trip I've been on! I know... that's saying a lot. But let me just explain to you why it was so epic.

Remember when I was SO excited the Braves made it into the playoffs this night?
A few days later, I was in the car with Kaycie, Kate, Lendrum, and Tyler heading to San Francisco to watch our Braves play in Game 2 of the Playoffs! We couldn't even believe that we were doing this! Honestly, only the hardcore fans would do something like this. We left on a Thursday night at 11:30 pm after the Braves first playoff game and drove through the night to get to San Fran by 9:30 in the morning!
We stopped through my cousins place for some cereal, a 30 minute nap, a shower, and then headed out to explore a little bit of San Fran by 12:00!
The only place we had time to go see (because there is SO much traffic) was the Golden Gate Bridge. It was SO windy there! I haven't been to San Fran since I was 6 so it was cool to go back!
After that, it took us awhile to decide where to park around the field and then stopped in to get some food at this little pizza and sandwich place! It was really good! ...Or maybe anything tasted good cause we were starving!
After getting all of our tickets for the game ($85 a piece), we walked around the park! Hands down, COOLEST park I have ever been to! It's right along the bay and it just has so many cool things surrounding it!
When we got in (2 1/2 hrs before game time) we explored just a little bit to see all the cool things that park had! I am a little obsessed with this trolley they had. They also had slides to race down in that was designed as a coca cola bottle. So fun!
And since we were there so early, Kayc and I went down by the field during the Braves batting practice to try to get a ball from our players. Sure enough, we succeeded thanks to one of my favorite closing pitchers, Venters. We were pretty excited. And another highlight had to be whenever we saw the Braves we'd be all excited and cheer for them and they'd wave and give us "I love you" signs. It was really exciting for us!
The sun went down, and it got COLD! Of course we still sported our Braves attire over our sweatshirts not to confuse those disgusting, unclassy Giants fans.
And even though we were down 0-4 almost the entire game and were completely silent- we were constantly getting flicked off at, the f word said to us millions of times, people yelling directly in our ears, and getting beer cans thrown at us- it was ALL worth it when our boys game back and won in the 11th inning with Ricky Ankiel's solo homerun into the bay! We won 5-4! It was the most epic and exciting game I have ever been to!
And as you can tell from this picture, we were THRILLED!
And so, after the game and after a quick bite to eat, it was on the road again. 12:00 am Saturday morning and got back into Provo at 12:30 pm.
It's true, so many people would call us insane and crazy. But it is something that I will never forget! It was so awesome to be there! Not to mention it was totally worth the money I had to spend for it!
I think what made it the best was the fact that all 5 of us are die hard Braves fans and we got to experience an epic game all together! The whole drive home, conversations would start up like "hey remember that time we went to the playoff game against the Giants and we came back and won?" and "Remember how the Braves won tonight and we were there for it?" "Remember how Bobby got ejected and we loved it?" and "Remember how we drove through the night 2 nights in a row for this?"
You get the picture. We were so happy that we decided to go!
That night I got 11 1/2 hours of sleep and it was the best sleep I've ever had!
So here's to weekend #2 in October. It was epic. I don't know if that can ever be topped.


Kaycie Q said...

it will never be topped. ever.

Paige and Curtis said...

You are crazy...I love it!

Sara said...

LLLOVE IT!! Looks like a ton of fun. That pizza looks divine. And you look seriously so gorgeous.

The Calverts said...

It was epic, just reading about it - FUN!