Weekend 3 in the LV

Las Vegas Baby.
Nicole, Amelia, Parker, and I hit the road on a Friday night to head to Vegas for the weekend.
It was fantastic. We kinda had been planning it for weeks so we were looking forward to getting out and getting in the warm weather!
I love these people and it turned out to be a great, relaxing few days.

We got in late on Friday night so you better believe we didn't waste any time on Saturday... well kinda. We were lazy and it took us awhile to get started. But it's vacation time right?

We stopped by a DELICIOUS bagel cafe that morning. It was so cute and a PERFECT place to people watch, right Nicole? haha
Then we decided to spend a few hours in the sun! It was in the 80's and a beautiful day! We didn't want to waste any of it inside!
Then we finally got ready and hit the strip. Stopped by some great places like the MGM.
We also went inside the Venetian, which is my most FAVORITE place to stop at! I think the inside is SO cool. One of these days, I will ride in one of those gondolas! Love it!
Obviously, we walked a TON that day. So we took a little stop and randomly sat down inside Caesar's Palace. We were beat. Really, we didn't want to walk anymore.
We loved walking the streets of Vegas though! it was Amelia's first time too! We saw lots of interesting people and lots of exciting things to see!
And remember when I went here last time and the wind was so bad that they canceled the fountain shows so I never got to see it? No need to fear. I watched TWO this time.
Dear Belagio, I love you and your fountain shows. Thanks for cooperating this time.
Sunday morning- we were up, went to church, and headed back to Provo!
Our time on the road consisted of blowing bubbles, and jamming to Avril Lavigne. Life Savers.
And maybe we stopped by this cute gas station on the way home in Cedar City just to take a picture with this cute pole. Don't judge us.
it was a short, but sweet vacation with these ladies of mine and our bodyguard Parker. haha.
Obviously, this is the month of short trips for me.
I'm kinda getting sick of it.
One more weekend and I'll be done road tripping for at least a few weeks!
And that sums up weekend 3 of October!

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Nicole Erin said...

SUCH a good weeeeeekend.
you and acid MADE that weekend for me. love you!