another byu grad.

It's official: Another Sant has graduated from BYU! I was more than happy to welcome him to the Alumni Club! 
But before all that, Daddy-o and Cal came into town a day early, which just happened to be the Big Guy's Birthday! We enjoyed Zupa's for lunch that day,
and the rest of the family flew in that night and we celebrated with more family and friends at The Chocolate for some delicious pazookies! We sure do love you Dad and hope you had a fun day!

Then it was onto Graduation craziness the next few days! 
I was lucky enough to see a lot of my close friends graduate as well and couldn't be more proud! 
Such as Katelyn Stone, Katie and Cameron Smith, Kyle Smith
Nick Pond, Jared Mecham,
and Liz Diz! 
And I got to see Kate's brother, Chan Man, and the three amigos graduate together. So heart warming.

I also had a BLAST getting to hang out with my family all weekend! They seriously are the best people to hang out with.
And spend some time with the adorable grandparents too!
I love these two adorable married people.
That night the fam gathered and went to Riverhorse in Park City for a very nice din din. 
And then my parents and I went to Provo to have a nice time with my freshman friends and our parents so everyone could meet each other. It was so tender and so fun! 
We enjoyed the rest of the weekend relaxing in Park City.

Oh, and we saw a moose in our backyard. This is how that morning discovery went:
10 am Cody comes into my room and whispers "guys"
Took me a few seconds to realize I wasn't dreaming and moaned "what" to him
Cody: There's a moose in our backyard"
Me: "Did you take a picture?"
Cody: "Yes but don't you want to see it?"
I groan and then drag myself out of bed to see it. And it was cool to see... for the next hour. 
One sunny afternoon we went to a park with the Holder's and played a game of whiffle ball for a couple hours, which was a lot of fun! 
And got to enjoy a slurpee after our hard work. 
 Sadly the fam all left, so Daddy-o and I just spent the rest of the weekend together. We went on a "leisurely hike" with the Holders Sunday afternoon, and went to Provo Monday where I introduced Dad to his first J-Dawg, which he loved. 
That night we got to meet up with Becks at Texas Roadhouse for some dinner. 
And then Dad was gone so the family fun week was over.
It was a great week spent with family but it all went by way too fast. 
Congrats Brother Bear! 
Thanks for graduating so we had a reason to all be together and celebrate!
We are all so proud of you!

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