the life of a summer traveler.

in the past 3 weeks i have:
 slept in 10 different beds/homes.
traveled by car, boat, & plane.
& with that...
traveled along the california coast.
traveled across the country.
cruised to mexico. 
been on set of a live jay leno show. 
attended a best friends wedding. 
went strawberry picking 
 spent time with many family members and close friends.
 and have repacked my bags 137671748632 times (but seriously).
[and out of all these weeks, this last Tuesday night was the first night I was by myself. it was just me in a hotel room one night; it was weird... and lonesome.]

up next on the schedule:
lake powell.
efy along the california coast for 7 weeks.

ohhhh the life of the summer traveler.
stay tuned. 

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J said...

you make me sick