fairty-tale wedding.

the week was here! my best friend of 6 years was getting married!! 
(yes, I realize I have a lot of best friends and a lot of them have gotten married recently... story of my life
most of the week we just did little things here and there to prepare for the big day and I enjoyed time with the Stone Fam who is like family to me!
it was a fun filled and crazy week in Northern California! 
The night before the wedding, we had a nice dinner over at her cousin's house with the family on both sides and the wedding party. 
Clearly, I just hung out with those good lookin' red heads all night. They are my favorites ;) 

We like to call Kate and Marcus the "Fairy tale Couple". They are absolutely perfect for each other and SO in love, it's almost sickening (but not because it's so adorable). I love these 2 and couldn't have picked anyone else more perfect for my best. 
Then the wedding day arrived! We got all ready and headed to the Sacramento Temple to wait for the newlyweds! 
And here they are! Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were just glowing, so in love, and SO happy. 
After we took a few pictures at the temple, we had a luncheon, then we took some more pictures later that afternoon at their house before the reception. 
And seriously, Kate looked perfect. Absolutely stunning. Her dress, her hair, her flowers, her make up... perfect. 
And let's just talk for a minute about these people I love! I have never met so many gorgeous and handsome red heads in my life! 
And we took more and more pictures. So here they are.
The Stones know how to have a good party.
And all these ladies I was bridesmaids with were so cute and fun to be with those few days!
We had the reception at this adorable farm house called The Blue Goose. 
And it was quite the party. These girls were so darling and fun to hang out with during the week!
And sister and Brandon came to the reception too! I was so happy to see both of them since we didn't spend too much time together during Tay's graduation! 
The reception was so great! 
I guess I have picked the right people to be friends with because every wedding reception I've been to in the past year has been an absolute blast! Good friends, good food, and good music. 

Thanks for a good time Stone and Hunt Families! It was a great wedding for one of my greatest friends. I couldn't be any happier for the two of them!

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Brooke said...

Ok what a stunning wedding! And stunning couple! Ashley, you look so beautiful and happy too :) I'm done silently stalking your blog haha so you can also look forward to more comments too! Glad you are doing well :)