California Adventures!

After the wedding week, I drove back to Monterey area to spend a few days with those cute Slama's! 
Our first day we walked around Cannery Row in Monterey right where we stayed during their open house a year ago! It is such a cute place and the weather was perfect! Plus I loved getting to spend a few days with the sister and my favorite brother in law!

I asked Cal before I came to visit if she knew where we could go strawberry picking. She did her reasearch and I was SO excited when we found a place to go to! So that is exactly what we did one sunny afternoon and had a BLAST!
We found SO many good and delicious strawberries too! We were in heaven (and had to have some self control because we just wanted to pick all the good ones we found)
It's been something that has been on my bucket list for quite some time now so I was a happy camper to check that bad boy off the list! 
Brandon is sadly allergic to strawberries but was such a champ to come with us and be our personal photographer. Thanks Brandall! 
And let me tell ya somethin' folks... These were the most DELICIOUS strawberries I have ever had! It will never be the same unless I personally pick them myself. I wish I lived closer to this Gizdich Ranch. Such a blast and a tasty reward!
So after a few fun days with the family, I was flying out of San Francisco to head back to Atlanta for a few days. My flight was early in the morning so Cal and Brandon drove me up there the night before and I got to meet up with my lovely friend, Miss Rachel Huey, and her boyfriend for a few hours! She is living close by there now so I was glad I got to see her and we stopped by Ghirardelli Square for some dessert. I obviously didn't have chocolate and got dirty looks from people but I happily enjoyed my scoop of vanilla ice cream :)
Stay Tuned for more adventures :) 

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