Alexis Brooke Sant.

Happy 11th Birthday!!!
I really wish I could be there to celebrate your special day with you! I remember the phone call that came to the house the day you were born- I was so excited to meet my new little sister! I hope you have the best birthday ever! I love you soooo much princess!
Thanks for always being a cute and fun little sister!
Since you are turning 11, I decided to list 11 things that I love about you-
1. You always know how to brighten up my day. You're cute little face always makes me smile.
2. You always know how to make me laugh. Whether I'm sad or bored or perfectly okay, you can always crack me up and make my day better! You have such a fun personality!
3. You make life entertaining- life at home wouldn't be the same without your crazy, outgoing self. You must learn from the best :)
4. You are so much braver than I was at your age- you've been on every single roller coaster at Six Flags.. I was 18 before that happened!
5. You care for others, especially your family. So many people love you and your sweet-ness.

6. You are very creative- whether its making up dance moves or making up songs.
7. You have the greatest riddles- like the one's you just make up on the spot from the things you see around you- and some of them aren't all that bad. :)
8. You are athletic- you love to do things outside and you are such a babe as a softball player! I wish I could see more of your games!
9. You trust me- I love when you tell me about your life and all the secrets of a 5th grader!
10. You are great with little kids. Even though you are still just a little kid to me, they all just look up to you and adore you!
11. You are one of my best friends! I know you are always there for me and that you care for me!
I love you Lexie! I can't believe how old you are getting! It's making me feel so old! I'm glad I've been around most of the time to experience you growing up to the beautiful young lady that you are! I hope you have a fantastic day today cute girl! I miss you and can't wait to see you in a few months! I love you Princess!

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