am I reading this correctly?

Walking out of the test center and look up on the screen to see my score:
5-5424: 95% "Way to go!"
Never in my 4 years at BYU have I ever seen this posted next to my ID number at the BYU Testing Center.
Me? I got a 95% Is this real life?
Yes, ladies and gentleman- today is the day that I actually got a 95% on my Stats test. And out of all my class... Stats? yes, I was in shock.
But I feel good.
So now everyone knows- I have never reached a 95% on any of my tests- at least in the testing center. It's whatever.
You could say today is the best day ever.


Dani Stolworthy said...

What the heck?
I think that's the same class mine said: 44% (with nothing following)
I guess I should congratulate you... but it seems like the monitor's already done that :)
Good job.

Ashley Kay said...

haha well thank you! :)
p.s. stats in SLC is one of the easiest classes ever. take it from someone who really is dumb in school.

Kaycie Q said...

haha i love that you took a picture!

Camille said...

What's the statistical likelihood of THAT happening? Congrats!