October Festivities!

October was a busy month for me!
With Visitors, Football Games, Vacations, Birthdays, Halloween and Goodbyes.. this month flew by so fast!!
So here's what's the latest:

-Reuniting with some of my favorite boys to celebrate Andre's Birthday:
-This cute little girl, Miss Peyton Reeve, was baptized!

-The Sant and the Nichol gang- all grown up now; first time we've been back together in a long time!
Going to Colorado for our cousin, Jordan's farewell!
We even got to see my Mom and Lexie in Denver, which was so great!
Our cutest little Lake Powell favorites came to Utah!
We celebrated Callie's 20th birthday!
And painted these cute plates!
Attended College Gameday in Provo!!

Went to a disappointing and cold BYU game.
And it was finally Halloween!! I went as Little Miss Muffet, and I ran into my 2 nerdy friends:
My boys and I:
Roomies plus Grace at our Stake Halloween Party:
And, as previously mentioned, I said bye to my cousin, Jordan:
and my best friend, Kate!
So it has been quite the month of October! It sure was busy! And now onto the month of November! I wonder what this month will bring!

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Kaycie Q said...

many more adventures i'm sure! let's make november awesome!