Thanksgiving Checklist:

Surprise Mom by singing Happy Birthday in her room at 1 in the morning: Check.
Surprise Lexie in the morning: Check.
Surprise Cody and get attacked by Becker doing so: Check.
Learn a new game and get addicted to it: Check.
Getting to spend some time with The Holders: Check.
Having fun doing service at the Bishop Storehouse: Check.
Partake of delicious Mexican food at La Parilla: Check.
Going to see Blind Side, one of the greatest movies ever: Check.
Going to my "high school reunion" and being the only sober one there: Check.
Eating Dad's delicious fried Turkey: Check.
Getting to see my favorite girls: Check.
Spending Thanksgiving with the most important people in my life: Check.
Getting to see the cutest dog in the entire world: Check.

Was it worth the amount of debt I am currently in with my sister for my plane ticket home? Absolutely.
Will I ever do a surprise again? Perhaps. But not when it involves surprising my Mom. It was one of the hardest secrets to keep and having to hide my excitement was not an easy task.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break!


Camille said...

Loved your checklist! I'm so impressed you were able to pull off the surprises, that's not an easy thing to do! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. Chris and I had fun reminiscing about last year together. We just love you and your family. Wasn't The Blind Side amazing?

Kaycie Q said...

love it! ahhhh i can't wait to go home!