Birthday Celebration!

Since I am NEVER with my friends for my birthday,
we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse this past week to celebrate!
If you haven't been there before, GO!
Why you may ask? Let me tell you:

Their rolls? TO.DIE.FOR. Britt and I could BATHE in those rolls, they are so delicious!
Oh, and if it's your birthday, don't worry- you can ride on this bad boy, twirl a napkin around, and say yee-haw. Reminds me of my southern roots.
Basically, if you are looking for a good time, good food, good service, good country music, and good company- go to Texas Roadhouse.
k, i'm done advertising. but if you'd like me to attend with you, I wouldn't say no. :)
It was SO great that all the roommates could get together! Sadly, with all of our busy and different schedules, we are all hardly together! So we went at 9:00 so everyone could go! It was fun to spend a night together just talking and laughing!

I love my roommates and my "adopted roommates"! I have been SO blessed this year to meet and get placed with such amazing girls to live with! These girls have become some of my closest friends and I feel SO lucky! We all get along and enjoy being with each other!
Thanks girls for the birthday celebration! Love y'all! :)

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Kaycie Q said...

haaaapy birthday!!! (again)