birthday celebration- round 2.

Friday night was another celebration night!
It was one my best friends, Nick's, birthday!
So we rounded up the greatest friends ever and, of course, went to Red Robin!
We ALWAYS go to Red Robin for Nick and Jared's birthdays so needless to say, we LOVE birthday time! The food is always so good and we just had so much fun being together! My freshman boys and I haven't gotten together in SO long! So you could say we were all really happy and excited to be hanging out that night! I've really missed hanging out with them all the time like I used to do! They are the greatest friends ever! Not to mention, Carter is FINALLY back from Hawaii, but sadly, Nick Jones went to Hawaii so we'll never all be together again. Sad.
After dinner, we continued on with the celebration! We came back to my house and played some gams on the Wii and played my newly obsessed game, A to Z.
[Have I mentioned that I've really lucked out in the friend category? Cause I did. BIG time.]
So Happy Day of Birth Nick Barnes. SO glad you were born so we could celebrate! We hope you had as much fun as we all did. :)

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Nic and Janey said...

yay and i saw you at Red Robin. happy day for me!