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Well, these past 2 weeks have been quite the eventful one, full of random events.
1) My sister went out of town and I borrowed her Wii game, Just Dance. We played 2 nights in a row with some friends and had a blast! best.game.ever. and such a workout, as you may be able to tell from this fellow pictured.
2) Brian Mooney has left us to move back home to warm Arizona. I sure will miss this boy!
3) First of all, Mom came to town this weekend so that was great in and of itself. Second, this wonderful cousin of mine, Justin, opened his mission call with us! He has now been called to serve in the Asuncion Paraguay mission! I'm so glad we got to be there for this exciting moment! I am SO proud of his boy!
4) Met up with the Jensen family for a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse! It was so great to see them and I am happy they moved here! Hopefully we'll see them a lot more!
5) Mom went to buy herself a doughnut for the Provo Bakery and she walks out with a dozen orange rolls. Tina is such a funny one.
6) We did a lot of wedding stuff, including dress shopping! Quite the exciting adventure! It's fun to help with weddings when it isn't yours!
7) That night we got to go to Midway to meet up with the Nichol/Reeve gang for some delicious Pizza! It was fun to spend time with them for the night!
8) And last, but not least, we celebrated Miss Amelia's birthday last night with delicious treats and a FANTASTIC dance party!

So that's been my life recently. Lots of random things happening, but it's been great! Not to mention, it's nice to have fun things to do inside during the bitter and cold weather! But I am definitely more than ready for the warm weather!

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Nic and Janey said...

That is where Nic served his mission!!!!!!!