so thrilled.

my best friend/sister is ENGAGED!
You are looking at the future Mr & Mrs Brandon Slama!
[yep, i was the first to take some photos of this great occasion... of course]
her ring is absolutely PERFECT for her! I love it!
i was so excited to see these 2 walking up to my door tonight just GLOWING! you can tell they are SO happy and SO in love!
[please don't mind me and the fact that my sweatpants make me huge]

Who would have thought that having Brandon in my ward 2 years ago would have lead to him meeting my sister and end up being my brother?!
But I couldn't have thought of a more perfect match! They are so great for one another and I am thrilled for them.
Brandon has been a good friend to me the past few years and I know he loves my sister so much! I'm excited to have him be a part of our family! :)
So congrats to my best friend! I can't even begin to explain how excited and happy I am for the two of you! I love you so much Sister Jane! I wish you many, many years of happiness with Brandal Pants!

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emilymcb said...

yayyy! so happy :)