The EFY Life. [Week 1]

you could say that we were all excited and ready for week 1
... but I don't think we knew what we'd have in store for that week! 

first off: it poured rain the Saturday before EFY began and therefore, it flooded our gym. where we have dances and other activities. we found out it wouldn't be fixed by Tuesday nights dance so we had to come up with Plan B... or I guess C cause our back up plan wasn't available for that night. So, we had our dance in the auditorium! It was absolute madness fitting over 350 kids on a stage, back stage, and a little on the ground. It was a miracle that we all fit and it didn't seem too crowded. Mir-a-cle. But it was a fun and crazy dance! 
it was such a fun week having Baby Brother at EFY! I loved spending a lot of quality time with this studly brother of mine! And I got to watch him try to flirt with the girls, it was amusing to say the least :)
Just when we thought the dance the night before would be the only problem, in comes pouring rain an hour before games night was supposed to start. We were excited to put Plan B into action.
so don't worry... we went to another auditorium for games night. MADNESS. We first watched everyones company skits before we decided it'd still be okay to play some games outside as long as we didn't see any lightning. 
and that we did. i thought it was fun to play out in the rain. this great boy was also here the first week. he is one of my friends from BYU's little brothers so it was fun to see his face again this summer and spend a little time with him! 
this was definitely another first for my efy experiences! it was as crazy as our dance the night before, but it was a good time! and the youth and counselors were such great supporters so that helped a lot! 
and i liked being out in the rain for games night! I like playing in the rain in general! Plus, these new polo shirts retract water so that was nice not feeling totally and completely drenched.
Thursdays are always a great day! I love getting to teach a little bit to my counselors girls and be away from the boys for the morning. But I did love seeing my brother during the day, the tender soul that he is! 
And Kayc and I were maybe obsessed with one of the MC's! He kept us laughing the entire show! Maybe we were just really tired and delirious, but we thought he was so funny! Definitely entertainment for us!
And just like that, Friday came so fast! I rounded up these 4 kids to be my "disney kids" to sing a song that night at the dance! I loved spending a little time with them and I think they did a fantastic job too! :)
We had AMAZING session directors that week! We loved the Tomas! They were such a fun and inspirational couple! I really enjoyed getting to know them that week!
I was sad that week 1 had flown by cause I knew that's how the next 4 weeks would go! Even though that week had a few hiccups, it was still a great week with some amazing youth I got to meet and work with! 


Ask Josh said...

Year after year, I have to dislike this. ^Dislike

Meggara said...

Hey I always like that guy! He was a teacher last year at a provo session and i really enjoyed him and his stories. luckkkkkkkkkky