The EFY Life [Week 3]

So we hopped in the car after Georgia weeks and headed down to Florida! Our road trip crew consisted of Kaycie, Philip, Richard, and me. We took our time getting down there and stopped to eat at a few places and when you get into Florida, they have FREE OJ at the border! WHO EVEN KNEW THAT?! ALL these years I've gone to Florida on vacations and such, and I never knew you could get some free oj at the border. so awesome. but we had a fun time jamming to some oldies, talking, laughing, and sleeeeeping. good road trip.
 The Sunday before it started we went to the little beachy area by campus and just hung out by the little drop off where the water is. Too bad it's too yucky and gross to get in so we just sat on the ledge and had a good time.
 Then that night, a lot of us went to the pier nearby and lit some sparklers to celebrate the 4th (since we'd be at EFY all day long) and we jammed out to the band that was playing there. And maybeeeee we did an EFY line dance in front of everyone there. We're just that cool. nbd.
 Kayc and I celebrated our 6 year friendiversary on July 4th! I sure do just LOVE this girl! And so glad we've been friends for so long! EFY does good things. 
 It was a fun week as counselors all started getting to closer to one another,
and of course-dancing at hot sweaty dances.
And have I mentioned that I have the COOLEST team this summer?! Seriously, I am SO lucky I got to work with these amazing people for 5 weeks! We all got along so well and had a lot of fun together! 
 I LOVE games night in Flordia! It is definitely the best place we've had games night at for EFY. So pretty! 
Becks and I were twins on Thursday with our matching skirts we bought a few weeks before. So of course, we had to take a cute picture with the palm trees too!
 I did the Variety Show that week with these fabulous counselors! It was a lot of fun! I'm not biased but I think my Variety Show was the best out of all the weeks and I had the BEST helpers :)
 And the infamous rain came in Florida ALL day on Friday! So what did we do?
well first, we took are traditional jumping picture and..
 we played in the rain during free time with the kids. It was a BLAST!
 And once again, time keeps going by faster and faster and the week in Florida was over! We said goodbye to A LOT of counselors that week, which made me sad! But it had already been a great summer! I couldn't wait for the next 2 weeks!

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