let's jump back a month.

wow... i have been SLACKING in the blog posting. lo siento to those who like to religiously follow my blog- i act like i have fans. let's get real.

soooo... over a month ago, Miss Becky Shepherd graced my presence and came to visit me in Georgia for about 5 days before we began our EFY adventures. i was so glad she got to come experience the south a little bit! it was SO much fun to have her with me!
here's what I learned while Becks and I were inseparable for those 5 days:

she loves the atlanta braves and has purchased her own shirt
 she likes to be outside aka pool time every day... my kinda girl.
 she'll be adventurous and try new things, even when it may be the nasiest fast food joint ever.
 she pees every 5 minutes... but for real, she does. [sorry becks, are you embarrassed that i just announced that?] delete that.
 her and becker (my dog) share a bond because they have the same name... Becks. tender right?

she is a chatter box in the morning.
she likes to sing, and sing the wrong words to songs.
she'll laugh at my jokes.
she is a crack up!
you know how she has to pee all the time? she sacrificed her spot in the front of a bathroom line to help me up when I tripped and fell flat on my face. such a sacrifice. she must really like me.

the list could probably go on and on since we spent an entire month together! sadly, we have now been separated for a week and i don't exaggerate when I say that I miss her a lot! she really is such a great friend! i don't know what I would have done without her during this efy stressful life, but i'm glad she was a part of it, helping me along. she is always there for me- i know i could turn to her for anything and she would just sit there and listen to me complain or give me some advice. or crack jokes with me- wait, what? i'm so glad we've gotten so much closer this past month.

anyways, we had a fun time together this past month and i can't wait to reunite with her in a little over a month. until then, it'll be texts, phone calls, and skype sesh's with this lady. love you becks! miss you everyday.

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Nicole Erin said...

PEE PEE PEE. A bathroom always had to be insight for hawaii. Smallest bladder I know. LOVE YOU BOTH WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!