The EFY Life [Week 2]

it was onto week 2 of EFY in Georgia and we were just as pumped for a new week (and hoping for better weather)! 
Delivering the treats during FHE is one of my favorite times! We hop in the back of our van, blast the backstreet boys, and ride around to the different groups to give them some yummy fruit roll ups! We instantly become the kids favorite people when we walk around with those babies :) Then after we are done with our deliveries, I would go to a group to play some games with them! I loved playing the games and getting to know the youth a little better since I don't have any of my own! The counselors were always so nice to let me play :)
And we had a sunny (and hot) night for games night! Games night is always wild and out of control. I'm constantly yelling and trying to teach 80 youth at a time the certain game I'm in charge of. But I don't mind it too much. It's always entertaining to see what the kids will come up with! And by the end of the night, I don't feel like talking anymore. And all I want to do is eat pizza! :)
Becks and I decided to make a tradition every week to take a games night picture. Yes, we sadly only had 3 together, but they were fun! 
The only downfall of week 2 was that we lost a counselor so Philip had to fill in which meant we were short a BC that week. And our session was FULL so it was a little stressful. But we managed. We just missed having Philip with our team that week! 
So this little man statue is famous with the kids at EFY in Georgia. It is right outside our auditorium and the kids love taking pictures with him and imitating his pose. I have been to this campus 7 years in a row and have NEVER taken a picture with this man until this year. Better late than never right?
This was kinda my favorite thing about class duty. Matt always liked having the gazebo because he was in perfect eye view of all the kids going to classes, he was shaded, and he brought his chair and some music to entertain himself. He knows how to live it up on class duty. 
And then there were 5. Ammon had to head down to Florida a day early so he left early Friday morning, which left Jorden with the 4 girls on the team. What a lucky man ;)
And then our time at Brenau University has ended. Forever. It's so surreal to think that I won't be returning next year after coming EVERY year since 2005. This fine place (Crudup Hall) is where Kayc and I met in 2005 as participants sharing a bathroom. 
This women's college will always hold a special place in my heart.
Next on the agenda: FLORIDA!

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