Newly Weds Come to Georgia!

[yes, I am still way behind. like beginning of june]

So a week after the wedding, and their honeymoon, Callie and Brandon came to visit for a little over a week! we had a lot of fun being all together! We had to do some yard work some mornings, but other then that, we played. 

the 3 oldest are so mature that we come home from playing some tennis and ate some cake directly out of the pan. we've learned our manners at college. 
 we also took a necessary trip to the lake one afternoon, which was pretty relaxing besides the part where the boat stopped working so the boys started to pull us in.
 it was fun to watch Lex in a swim meet one night too! she did an awesome job! it definitely brought back all the memories Cal and I had when we were on the swim team back in the day. 
 That weekend, we had the Georgia wedding reception. We spent all day in our clubhouse getting ready for it too with all the decorations, chair set ups, 
 and yes, we put all of that fruit on those trees. Most time consuming thing ever, but it looked super cool right? Too bad no one ate them as much as I was hoping. But we also had a delicious crepe bar too! 

 The Georgia reception was a lot of fun because we got to see a lot of the friends we've had since my parents moved to Georgia and friends we hadn't seen in awhile! 
 We also took a trip to Six Flags, which is always a fun, yet tiring time! 
 And to end their trip, we went to a Braves game their last night! It was a must that Brandon went to a Braves game so I'm glad we got to squeeze one in!
And then the next day they were off to their new adventure in Minnesota. 
It still seems so surreal to me that they are living a married life in a totally new city. I feel like it won't hit me until I get back to Provo and realize that they aren't there! But they are loving it up there and I couldn't be happier for them! I cried like a baby the day they left, but I can't wait to go visit them sometime in the near future! 

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